The 2017 version of ITU-QRR provides the key quality dimension of research performance by more than 450 universities and institutes of more than 30 countries from the Muslim World, using Scopus database. The results provide useful information to the scientific community, as well as to the higher education policy makers


A central tenet driving the ITU-QRR is to provide insight to support the diversity of university research. To do so, university research performance is analyzed at a finer level of detail than has previously been done by any ranking or evaluation system. In addition to broad subject categories like Engineering and Medicine, the ITU-QRR provides detailed subject categories like Aerospace Engineering and Cardiology. The result is a system that is able to highlight the performance of universities with particular niche strengths and not only the largest and most comprehensive institutions.

The analytical tools are flexible so as to permit each user to focus on aspects of university research performance most relevant to his/her needs. Finally, the university profile provides a comprehensive picture of university’s research landscape across 16 broad subject areas, or in any of 250 niche subject areas.

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